Is it still necessary to present Spain as a nice destination for your holidays, and one of the best sunny places in the world to buy a second home?

The Costa Brava near French border, Barcelona, the Costa Blanca and Alicante region, the Andualisia, the Costa del Sur and Marbella region, everybody has heard of these famous provinces and cities of Spain, offering to visitors sun, warm sea waters, tremendous sea views and shores, amazing nature, excellent gastronomical tradition and cultural heritage, and remarquable places to stay at or to settle down.

Properties in Spain

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Spain is a famous destination for leisure property market, with affordable prices, ideal climate, and amazing coastline along the Mediterranean Sea.

This real estate crisis has caused a drop in prices, which create excellent investments opportunities for those who can still afford to buy a property. Remembering the famous words of Warren Buffett saying that crisis is the moment when he takes out his purses to buy, we can assume than Spain property market has much to offer, and this situation is probably not going to last for ages, as the spanish economy is hopfully showing signs of recovery.

Your second home in Spain