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Toward globalization of the real estate market


As investing in real estate becomes global, it is only natural that we focus on areas of the world which will be the Eldorado of the twenty-first century. Ways of life are globalizing as well and the outer-world is attracting us more and more from our national boundaries. The more astute amongst us will consider globalization as an opportunity to combine lifestyle and wealth management strategy at a global level.

As a matter of fact, it is now possible to buy a property for three or four times less than an equivalent asset in France or any other developed European, North American or Asian country. Countries with ideal climates, where homeland security and crime problems that we are facing in Europe or North America do not exist, can offer good investment opportunities, along with modern infrastructures and a high heightened sense of customer service, that enable a very comfortable lifestyle.

In a purely patrimonial perspective, let’s take the example of a 100,000 € or 100,000 $ investment in Thailand. This investment will in most cases yield a return no smaller than 6% after taxes, without even considering the possible capital gain due to natural market evolution. Very attractive tax benefits and simpler relationships between lessee and lessor (tenant and landlord) create a good context for profit, without the fear of litigation risks.

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An international web portal to help you in this globilized real estate market

Un Toit dans le Monde was created to meet the needs of internationalization and to address an increasing demand from all those who would like to invest abroad or spend more time away from their homeland.

Countries such as Thailand, Senegal or Morocco, for instance, combine many advantages for investment or for living. It is easy to make one’s home there, but what is rather simple with the assistance of a professional might become a very hazardous operation for a novice, even a wise one. Despite the fact that real estate law in these countries are generaly well defined and established, the realtor’s or broker’s role is not controlled there as it is in Europe or in North America. The risk of making a bad choice or a questionable deal is not unlikely and the consequences are often irreversible. It is worth consulting a skilled intermediary.


What can you find on Un Toit dans le Monde real-estate web portal?

You will find here many properties for sale or for rent, tips to help you with yours projects and much practical information about the real-estate destinations you are interested in.

You wish to buy or rent a property, you want to list your property for sale or for rent, this web site is for you.

You are a property broker, a developer, you are in the insurance or the credit business, you will find here appropriate solutions to boost your activities.

You are just an individual looking for investment opportunities, information or assistance to achieve your projects, we can help you !


Un Toit dans le Monde offers you impartiality, professionalism and expertise, integrity and good advice, to help you make the good choice.

  1. Impartiality: being consultants and not brokers, we will provide you with the best information. You will then be in a position to make the good choice by yourself.
  2. Reactivity: we usually reply to all questions that do not already have an answer here within 24 hours time.
  3. Professionalism and expertise: real estate has been our job for twenty five years, first as a property broker company in France, and then also abroad. Today, Un Toit dans le Monde CEO is owning two agencies in France, under the reliable Century 21 franchise. Un Toit dans le Monde is not a real estate agency, but offers the same profesionalism. We have decided to create this international property web portal to share our experience of real estate, to help people and guide them in the process of buying a property abroad or living their home country to settle abroad. You will find here properties which have been selected with great care by our partners abroad – professionals adhering to our standards. Theses professionals are very experienced in estimating the value and potential of a property, in leading a deal from the very beginning to the end. Our advises tend to all aspects of a deal abroad, including legal details, tax and patrimonial issues.
  4. Integrity: our role with this web portal devoted to real estate is not to sell you a property, but to advise you. Our experience as a real estate broker in France and under French real-estate Law, the professional license of our CEO as a Century 21 agent, his membership in the biggest French brokerage network, the FNAIM, will assures you that we pay much attention to  professional ethics and morals.
  5. Good advice: we assist you in all areas related to your transaction and we can refer you to qualified trade workers, lawyers, translation services, travel agencies or banks. In addition, to make your travels more pleasant, we can also advise you on a nice hotel for accommodations during your trip, a good restaurant or even the latest trendy bar for your evenings.


Un Toit dans le Monde real estate web portal has been designed for you if:

  • You are looking for investment opportunities, information or assistance to achieve your project of purchasing a property abroad
  • You are looking for a property for rent, a yearly rental, or a home for your holidays
  • You are planning to leave your home country, as an expat, for retirement, or to take a new start in life
  • You are the owner of a property that you wish to sell or rent out
  • As a real estate agent, you would like to boost your sales, reach more potential buyers and tenants
  • You are an agent specialized in rental activity, and you want to reach more prospects
  • As a property developer, you would like to advertise here about the latest project you are building
  • You are a professional working in the real estate domain,
  • As a professional, you wish to open yourself to the international property market
  • You are a professional, working in a domain which has links with real estate, such as a credit adviser, an insurer, a interior designer…


Our portal is providing your with services and information related with real estate. Un Toit dans le Monde will help you to…

Purchase a property abroad

You will find here all information you are looking for concerning overseas property market. Our portal is presenting some of the best destinations worldwide. Our posts are answering many of the questions you will have about real estate abroad. We also explain the process to manage and expatriation or to retire abroad.

An important properties listing to help you find the home of your dream

You are looking for a property abroad, you will find here the best of international real estate market, villas and apartments for sale, or for rent, short term rentals solutions, and also business resales. You will be directly in connexion with the authors of our adds, who can be either agencies, developers, or the owners themself in a “direct to owner” way.

Find the right professional among our network

For all destinations that we are covering, we are connected with trustworthy partners with proven competence and reliability. They will assist you in your project of overseas investment.

Our role of investment advisors

You will find here many advices and all the information you need to carry out your project. We are avalaible to advise you about investment abroad. We can put you in touch with professionals among the most competent in their field.

Prospecting in pleasant conditions

Our local partners are proposing tailored tourist services to help you in your property search, and make it more pleasant. Do not hesitate to contact us.

A network of exclusive agents

Un Toit dans le Monde brings together a network of independent and exclusive real-estate agents, working under trademark license, each in his own sector. They are professionals who share our sense of service and our rules. Each agent knows perfectly the area in which he operates. As we have selected them, we know you can trust them to purchase or rent a property through them.

An extended partners network

The members of our extended network of partners can assist you in many domains related with property, such as real-estale, insurrance, credit, interior design.

you are looking for a property for rent, long term rental, or for your holidays

Leisure property rentals abroad

You are looking for an alternative to hotels for your next sunny holiday? Renting a luxury villa with upscale hotel services is an interesting formula: much space, luxury, privacy, for less than what would cost you the usual hotel room at an equivalent standard level.

Check our listing of holiday rentals in Thailand, the Philippines, Senegal, Morocco, and many others paradise destinations like Malaysia, Bali, Croatia and Florida.

Long term rentals abroad

Your project is to settle for a time in Thailand, Senegal, Spain, and elsewhere. You will find here listings of properties for rent, and our local partners can assist you in all the procedures related to this project.

you wish to settle abroad, for professional reasons, retirement, or to start a new life in another country?

You want to emigrate for business purpose or for retirement, you will find on our Website a lot of information and many advices for a successful installation. Our thematic pages will help you to:

  • Analyze the relevance of your project, determine the means and steps for its implementation.
  • Make the right choices if you intend to make the acquisition of a company.
  • Identify all important paperwork or banking procedures (visas, insurance, health insurance, opening an account).

Assistance and services for your projects abroad

We help you in your projects thanks to a full range of services: our knowledge of local laws and procedures to follow, our advice about funding, our expertise of real-estate.

A network of exclusive agents

Un Toit dans le Monde brings together a network of independent and exclusive real-estate agents, working under trademark license, each in his own sector. These professionals share our sense of service and adopt our rules. Each agent knows perfectly the area in which he operates. Their services will not be limited to the property domain, they can also assist you in administratives procedure.

An extended network of partners

The members of our extended network can assist you in many domains related with property and housing, such as real-estale, insurrance, credit, banking, visa, interior design and furniture. They can also relieve you of many practical problems (moving, finding a school).

you own a property that you would like to sell or rent

You want to sell a property, or rent it, our ad service allows you to get in touch either directly with potential buyers or tenants, either with property brokers who can assist you efficiently.

If you want to reach directly prospects, it is very simple: all you need is to create your real-estate ad. It will take you a few minutes. Your ad will be validated by our team and published online, where many users of our portal can view it and get in touch directly with you.

you are a real-estate broker, or a holiday rentals agent

This real-estate portal will help you reach customers worldwide. It is a powerfull means of communication and advertising that will bring you many prospects, but it can also help you to improve the web ranking of your own site.

All you need to do is to create your own listing on our pages.

A solution of tailored pages is also proposed: your partner page allows you to present your activity and communicate on your services.

It is also possible to create your own thematic contents, that will bring visitors directly on your ads or on your partner page.

you are a property developer

This real estate web portal is designed to give an enhanced visibility to your construction project.

You can create your own pages, including a partner page describing your company.

To promote well your new project, you can create as many ads as needed.

This is an efficient means of communication and advertising that brings you many contacts, but it also helps to improve the SEO of your own site.

You also have the possibility to create thematic contents that will bring more visitors directly to your partner page, and to the property project you are marketing here.

you are a real-estate professional looking for practical solutions to boost your business

You are looking for effective tools, for IT or Web solutions that will enable you to expand your business on the Internet, you wish to develop skills in the field of new technologies applied to real estate, the trademark license Un Toit dans le Monde is perhaps the solution you need.

you want to start a business in the field of international property

Fascinated by a country or a region of the world that you know well and considere as attractive, you would like to start a property broker activity there.

Join our exclusive licenced agents network

Un Toit dans le Monde brings together a network of independent and exclusive real-estate agents, working under trademark license, each in his own sector. These professionals share our sense of service and adopt our rules. Each agent knows perfectly the area in which he operates. We provide them with all the tools they need to conduct their business and grow.