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800.000 properties needed in Cambodia until 2030

800.000 properties needed in Cambodia until 2030

According to the Khmer Times, a government senior official said that housing in Cambodia must keep up with the rapid urbanization rate and demographic boom. Until 2030, the demand for housing in urban zones will reach around 50 000 units per year, which makes a total of 800.000 units to build until 2030, according to […]

Investing in Paris

With a rental market tight and very low housing supply compared to the demand, it will be easy to find a tenant in Paris, as long as the rent is consistent with market prices, of course. As the procedure is complex and the relationship between landlord and tenant sometimes complicated, hiring a professional to manage […]

Northern Cyprus: why you could live there…

Cyprus is a place with perfect weather: the summers are long and winters mild and short. This Mediterranean country laced with the history of ancient civilisations is also offering many modern attractions. You will find there vast swathes of unspoiled countryside and empty beaches. In Northern Cyprus, politeness and hospitality is still expected, it is a place […]

Real estate in Spain: the purchasing process

Obtaining a NIE Before you start looking for a property, you will have to obtain a the Alien Identification Number (NIE). This number, mandatory for foreigners wishing to buy or sell a property in Spain, is issued by the Spanish immigration department: you will have to go to the Oficina de Extranjeros (Immigration Office) or […]

Property taxation in Thailand

Property taxation in Thailand

In Thailand, there is not really such taxes as the property tax and the residential tax that exist in other countries. The only taxes which are concerning property are the “Land Tax” and the “Use Tax Structure”. The Land Tax, of course concerning land, is usually so small that Thai Authorities will in practice not collect […]