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800.000 properties needed in Cambodia until 2030

800.000 properties needed in Cambodia until 2030

According to the Khmer Times, a government senior official said that housing in Cambodia must keep up with the rapid urbanization rate and demographic boom.

Until 2030, the demand for housing in urban zones will reach around 50 000 units per year, which makes a total of 800.000 units to build until 2030, according to Pen Sophal, the state secretary for Territory Equipement, Urbanization and Construction (MLMUPC). This estimation is proportional to the demographical projections of the country. The urban population in Cambodia could reach 7,92 millions by 2030, 44% of the kingdom population living in urban areas. There are currently 4,5 millions of people living in urban centers in Cambodia, which is about 27,1% of the total population. Phnom Penh and others urban zones will required around 800 000 additional units to accomodate more urban dwellers. According to the government, «the answer to that question is the implementation of the national policy for real-estate and territory equipements at all levels, and the national policy for housing, affordable housing for civil servants, armed forces and small income dwellers. In order to ensure a sustainable developement» declared Pen Sophal. According to a report from the World-Bank in 2015, Cambodia has the second highest urban expansion rate in Est Asia after Laos. Real-estate investment in Cambodia is clearly a clever choice, considering that the demand for housing will stay high for many years.



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